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Northern Delight Restaurant, Gunner's Cove, Newfoundland
Northern Delight Restaurant, Gunner's Cove, Newfoundland



At Northern Delight, you can rest assured that all your traditional favorites are going nowhere. However, we love trying new things! For those who love to plan ahead, check out our NEW menus below. And don't forget to check back periodically for updates and additions!

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Need more than the option to dine in? Allow us to help you celebrate any special event or occasion in your personal lives or that of your business! With our spacious, multi-functional board room, we can host your event with or without a dining option. A birthday party for your little ones? Christmas party at work? There's nothing we can't accommodate.


Helping visitors to the area make the most of their time here is a highlight of the season. We are fortunate to have the facilities to be able to accommodate large tour groups and we love seeing them return year after year! New tour operators are always welcome, as are tourists wandering about on their own. Feel free to contact us if there's anything we can do to make your stay more memorable!

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Check out our Shows & Events page for the latest

schedule and updated to live, music, comedy shows, Food Fibs & Fiddles and more!

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